Baby Brother: A Leila Photography Newborn Session

Do miracles happen?  You’d be hard-put to convince me that the journey of motherhood isn’t a reoccurring everyday miracle.

This gorgeous momma was pretty sure she would deliver earlier than her January 3rd due date, and Baby J entered the world just 2 days shy of being a New Year’s baby.  We already had their tentative newborn session date on the books and it worked perfectly. We photographed this little man at 13 days new.Toby Rivera-5762_WEBTwo years ago, I photographed big sister as a newborn.  One of those images still hangs on my office wall as a favorite. So, it was really fun to have the privilege to photograph baby brother and get to do sibling shots. JermaineNB-5892_WEBWe had an unusually short time window for this session, but this little man was super cooperative, and we were able to get in some amazing shots, even with a feeding break.  JermaineNB-5924_WEBDaddy and momma are just the cutest couple.  I always enjoy them, with their quiet smiles and loving gentleness towards their babies. While big sister wasn’t on board with the maternity shoot, she totally rocked her big sister status at brother’s session. JermaineNB-5873_WEB

JermaineNB-5909bw2_WEBWhile the chin-on-hands is normally an asleep pose, when we moved into this pose, he decided to wake up. Normally I might have moved on, but he was definitely -super chill- and seemed to enjoy just hanging out with me, so we went with it. Dad kept his hand there for safety/support, and I adored the expressions we got in this sequence.  Baby expressions are the best, right?!?JermaineNB-5957_WEBI try to include some detail shots in every session.  This guys hair was a “must-get”, and baby toes are so tiny and sweet.  (Mom may need this reminder one day when those size 12 shoes get left out for her to trip over.)JermaineNB-8667_WEBI may not be able to capture the sweet scent of freshly applied baby-lotion, or the feel of that softer-than-soft skin against your cheek, but I certainly love providing a reminder of those things.

If you are interested in having beautiful reminders of your motherhood journey, I’d love to hear from you.  Click here! 


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