Monday Mom Minute, Episode 23, Sarah Cox, Moonbow Sleep Consulting

I love when a social media follow turns into so much more. The same passion evident in the educational and supportive content she shares on Instagram is easily heard in Sarah's voice as she expounds upon the, "Why," behind what she does. While sleep deprivation may be considered part and parcel to new parenthood, it [...]

Monday Mom Minute, Episdode 22, Pelvic Health Therapist: Aubrey Smith PT/DPT

Is it taboo to talk about pelvic floor health? It shouldn't be! For Aubrey Smith, PT/DPT, a pelvic health specialist with Compleo Physical Therapy and Wellness, it's definitely an everyday conversation. As women, and moms, there are so many aspects of pelvic health that impact our daily lives. Unfortunately many of us live with issues [...]