Monday Mom Minute, Episode 10, with Waco Baby Rentals

November 15, 2021 Jessica texts. She's excited about celebrating Friendsgiving in Waco with you, but you sense her underlying stress.  Her plans to travel with her toddler and new baby essentially mean renting a U-haul to get here with the necessities.Go ahead and text Jessica back, that you are an actual super-hero.  Because, you'll have [...]

Monday Mom Minute, Episode 4, Leila Photography: Waco Doula Services

October 4, 2021 Waco Doula: Micah Burgess, Part 2 I'm back in the studio for Part 2 of my interview with Micah Burgess of Waco Doula. We do a deep dive into the benefits and role of a doula, as well as how with their unique team-model, Waco Doula is able to better serve mommas, [...]