Welcoming Baby Rhett: Waco Newborn Photography

I met baby Rhett without even realizing it.  He was in attendance at his sister’s one year session; I just didn’t know it.  When mom contacted me down the road about a future Newborn Session, I was so excited for them.  I also sincerely count it a privilege when clients choose to return.  There are truly amazing photographers in the Waco, Texas area, so when repeat clients show up at my door, it means the world.


Baby Rhett came to see me at exactly a week old.  This guy knew his own mind right from the get-go.  Mom had hardly made it to the hospital before he was born.  Seriously, she had to fill out all the paperwork after actually giving birth. LOL.  Rhett had decided to come, so he was here!  Bam.

His session kind of went that way, too.  He was very decisive about how he liked to be posed, and he was pretty determined to eat. Alot!  And guess what?  That is totally okay.  Every single baby that comes into my studio is different. They have different personalities and sensitivities, just like us grown-up versions.  I firmly believe in a baby-led workflow.  I may not get every pose with every baby, but it isn’t necessary.  What is most important is capturing the beautiful details of your newborn for you to treasure for years to come.

2017-10-11_0007This family is absolutely the best.  They way they look at their children and they way they speak to them is really heart-melting.  So. Much. Love.  At only 18 months old, and just a baby herself, it was hard for sister to participate in sibling shots, so we went for interactive family shots.  I ADORE the behind-the scenes candid of a “snack-break.”  You guys! Isn’t that the best?  Real life right there.  That is their current reality as parents of two.  And in the midst of it, their love for those babies is palpable.


By the close of the session, it was clear that this guy loved being swaddled and not touched.  We followed his lead and wrapped up his session with some great shots.

Welcome to the world Baby Rhett!  You are loved and adored beyond measure.  I hope to continue to watch you and sister grow.

Do you have questions about a newborn session with Leila Photography?  Check out my website to view my galleries, get to know me a bit, and learn about my sessions.  I’d love to hear from you!

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