Baby Grason’s visit at 12 Days Old: Waco Newborn Photography

As many of you may know, I have been setting up my home studio in my living room for over 4 years.  Although I am eagerly awaiting my personal studio space, there has been a bit of a special gift in inviting families in to sit on my own couch.  By nature of having clients inside my home, they see a part of me. They see the prints and canvases of my own family hanging on the wall.  My home becomes a conversation starter about parenting and life. Even though I’ve learned a little about my clients via their questionnaire, we chat about their pregnancy journey, their delivery experience, how they met, and just about anything and everything, while I pose and photograph their newest family member. (I may like to talk just a bit.) When I walk them to the door, I feel like  they leave as friends.

Baby Grason’s mom and dad were so precious.  He is their first baby. So, as you can imagine they were over-the-moon excited, as well as feeling some of that trepidation that comes along with brand-new parenting.  (If you are a parent, you are nodding your head right now.)  Grason came into my studio at 12 days old.  Even though his parents shared that his arrival into this world was pretty smooth, it had been a difficult journey during pregnancy.  After many visits to specialists to ensure momma’s health, dad expressed sincere gratitude for both a healthy baby and momma.


Mom had told me on their questionnaire that their nursery was decorated in a tribal theme with teepees, foxs, arrows, navy and brown colors.  She wanted us to incorporate blues and browns.

2017-10-11_0002I tend to keep props minimal, so that we can focus on the real star…baby! But, it was kind of fun to have a little fox peeking in, while G lounged in the Posing Pod in this adorable long-sleeve romper by Lantern Hill Knits.  Doesn’t he look comfy? He’s like a little man in his recliner. My heart!


In addition to family shots, I love capturing some fun details that families will enjoy remembering.   Like his size in daddy’s hands and those precious toes.


When Grason was all packed up in his car carrier and headed out the door, I couldn’t help but smile. At just 12 days old, he already has a story and I was privileged to hear part of it.  No matter how many families walk through my door and sit down on my couch, I will never tire of those stories.

Amazing families fill the Waco, Texas area.  In general our culture has lost so much of the “village” concept that used to support families.  So, it is with great joy that I invite my clients in, ask them to sit on my couch, and connect with them personally.  I enjoy becoming part of their village, while I create printable memories for them to enjoy for years to come.

Are you expecting?  A great time to schedule your newborn session is early in your third trimester, but even earlier is a great time to start searching for the right fit for your family in newborn photographers.  Contact me here with your questions to see if Leila Photography is a fit for you.   I look forward to answering that door, inviting you in and hearing your story.

P.S.  My studio will have a couch, too! 😉

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