Monday Mom Minute, Episode 23, Sarah Cox, Moonbow Sleep Consulting

I love when a social media follow turns into so much more. The same passion evident in the educational and supportive content she shares on Instagram is easily heard in Sarah’s voice as she expounds upon the, “Why,” behind what she does.

While sleep deprivation may be considered part and parcel to new parenthood, it can become a bigger issue.

Sarah shares how her motherhood journey was deeply affected by lack of sleep. With a new baby who wasn’t sleeping, there was a direct impact on her own mental health. Her story is now her motivation to help parents improve their baby’s sleep, in order to improve their own.

Though Moonbow Sleep Consulting is based in Temple, Texas, Sarah is able to support clients virtually, and thus can help parents anywhere! I loved hearing how she asks questions and considers parenting style, before proposing strategies that can help.

While we didn’t do a deep dive into her reference to Sleep Shaping (5:47) with Newborns (which is different than sleep training) Sarah did share in a chat afterward that we should be on the watch for her upcoming Newborn Sleeping Guide.

I think every mom/parent will benefit from following Moonbow Sleep Consulting on Instagram, but you can also reach out for a Discovery Call to see if working with a sleep consultant is right for you.

If your little one is struggling with sleep, and you are beyond exhausted, this episode is for you, momma!

Monday Mom Minute, Episode 23, with Sarah Cox, Moonbow Sleep Consulting

The Monday Mom Minute is an interview series by Heather Sullivan of Leila Photography, to serve parents in the Waco, Texas area with local resources surrounding pregnancy, postpartum care, birth, newborns, babies, toddlers, preschool, and childhood.

To make the Monday Mom Minute more accessible, Instagram will show a month of mini-clips from our chat each Monday. You can watch the full interview here via the YouTube link.

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