Monday Mom Minute, Episode 23, Sarah Cox, Moonbow Sleep Consulting

I love when a social media follow turns into so much more. The same passion evident in the educational and supportive content she shares on Instagram is easily heard in Sarah's voice as she expounds upon the, "Why," behind what she does. While sleep deprivation may be considered part and parcel to new parenthood, it [...]

Monday Mom Minute, Episode 9, Leila Photography with Postpartum Doula and Lactation Services of Waco

After the initial excitement of baby's arrival, the onslaught of visitors, and maybe some hands-on help from family.. It quiets down. It's just you and baby. What then? It can be an isolating time. You're bone-weary, your time and body feel like they are no longer your own, and you're navigating this new wonderful, but hard, [...]