Monday Mom Minute, Episode 2, Leila Photography: Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness

I’ve been following Alexa of Alexa Wible Fitness for years on Instagram, and I *may* have gotten a wee bit excited and almost hugged her a few years ago, when I ran into her IRL for the first time, out and about in Wacotown. Not suprisingly, she was actually very gracious with my little-bit-o-crazy. So, to have the chance to interview her in person was so much fun. I just love the amazing content that she generates about fitness for pregnant and postpartum mommas, as well as her real-talk about pelvic floor dysfunction.

Truly, the content that Alexa shares would have been a godsend to my pregnant/postpartum self 16 years ago, and I wouldn’t want one single momma to miss out on knowing this resource is available right here in our area.

In our interview, we chat about her passion for educating mommas about what is happening with their bodies during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, and meeting their specific fitness needs. We also learn about the 6-week classes she provides, and the free resources she makes readily available. Alexa’s goal is to help moms actually move out from under her tutelage and apply what they’ve learned in whatever form of exercise they enjoy.

Alexa’s Starbucks order of choice is a tall cold brew with 1 pump vanilla. We sat down with our coffees to chat, so grab yours and enjoy!

The Monday Mom Minute is a new interview series to serve parents in the Waco, Texas area with local resources surrounding pregnancy, postpartum care, birth, newborns, babies, toddlers, preschool, and childhood.

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