Monday Mom Minute, Episode 1, Leila Photography: Evidence Based Childbirth

September 13, 2021

Y’all! Stephanie Spitzer-Hanks, of RevDoula, and I sat down with our coffee in hand (her Starbucks order is a Tall Flat White, by the way) to chat all about her Evidence Based Childbirth classes.

The motto is Evidence that Empowers! and there is no question that Stephanie is passionate about serving greater Waco area families to empower them throughout their birth experience. She so clearly loves her role of supporting families through education during their pregnancy, being a resource if they need it during birth, and continuing support even postpartum. She shares some info about her classes that blew me away! I hope you’ll take a listen.

(Yes, I made a newbie mistake and my main camera went out without me realizing it, so I had to use backup footage from my phone. If the eye-contact thing bugs you, just close your eyes and take a listen. Pretend it’s a podcast. Problem solved! ;0)

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Next Monday, I’m chatting with Alexa of Alexa Wible Fitness about Prenatal and Postpartum fitness. You won’t want to miss it.

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