Waco Newborn Photographer: Updated Covid Policies May 2021

Over the last year and some odd months, we’ve all had to pivot repeatedly. I wrote a post in June about the Leila Photography Covid Policies, but as things have changed, it’s time to modify again.

These policies were in place Pre-Covid, and will continue:

Rescheduling for illness. ✔

Washing hands thoroughly before handling a baby. ✔

Mopping the studio before each newborn session. ✔

Washing, disinfecting, or quarantining everything that touches baby during their session ✔

Here are the updated studio policies for Covid:

  1. Newborn sessions will be be limited to one per day. All other sessions will be scheduled with time blocks between to allow for cleaning.
  2. Frequently touched surfaces are sanitized after each client.
  3. Any used props/materials are cleaned/sanitized after each client (and/or placed in quarantine for 3 days.)
  4. I will continue to remain masked for all meetings and sessions at this juncture. Since I am handling babies, I feel like this remains best practice.
  5. Clients are encouraged to mask at their comfort level. We need to remove masks for photos, so it isn’t necessary to wear them inside the studio.
  6. No hassle-rescheduling if you or any family member experiences illness or exhibits Covid-19 related symptoms (as outlined by the CDC).
  7. Rescheduling if I, the photographer, exhibit any illness or concerning Covid-19 related symptoms as outlined by the CDC.

Not everyone has the same level of concern about the risks of Covid-19, and I respect different points of view. However, I am personally driven by the fact that my clients are part of a vulnerable population; It’s my responsibility to do everything in my ability to ensure the safest situation possible including following recommended best practices.

In that light, I also understand that there are very mixed opinions and feelings about the Covid Vaccine, and for some, vaccines in general. My stance has always been to try to take the most widely accepted safety measures for my clients. I have the Pertussis vaccination for this reason, and get the flu shot yearly. Therefore, I have received the Covid vaccine.

If the safety measures in place, do not provide the comfort level you need, there are still options we can implement:

  • On-location sessions, outdoors, where we can better social distance.
  • A lifestyle newborn session in your home, where only you handle your baby.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have about a Leila Photography session procedures. Leave a comment or question here, through my website, www.waconewbornphotographer.com, via my social media pages @waconewbornphotographer, or better yet, just give me a call! 254-723-5591.

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