Out for Delivery: Waco Newborn Photographer

The buttery-soft genuine leather caresses your fingertips. Your face lights up as you turn the thick, sturdy pages.

You heft your American Walnut story box out of its packaging. Your favorite image greets you, and you lift the hinged lid to reveal 20 of your prized session images snug inside the museum archival mats.

Unwrapping your wall art, a bit unwieldy in your hands, it’s sized to perfection for it’s place on your wall. It ‘s a conversation piece for visitors, and a happy memory each time you walk past.

It’s now common-place for the doorbell to ring. Deliveries, whether your groceries, last Amazon order, or dinner, sit on the porch, and the deliverer waves good-bye as they rush to the next delivery.

When I knock at your door, I’ll admit, I’m selfishly hoping you will invite me in and open your delivery before I walk away. Watching you unwrap your artwork, and hearing the delight in your voice as you experience your products, absolutely makes my day. I deeply believe in the value of my service model, but it’s when you unpackage your delivery that I KNOW, like deep down in my soul know, why I’m delivery oriented.

The joy of your product in your hands makes it worth it Every. Single. Time.

I’ve yet to hear you exclaim over your USB drive, like you do your 20×30 canvas. It’s there, and it’s a resource for you, but pixels on a screen lack the substance of your legacy product in your hands.

When we meet at the Consultation Visit, to go over the Leila Photography process and see if it’s the right fit for you, you handle product samples and get a feel for the end results of your session. But it’s not until Delivery Day, when it’s your very own images on display, that the product comes alive.

I’ll admit, I over-use the word, “favorite”. It’s just my personality to emote over the joy that things bring me….and I definitely enjoy each aspect of my service. I enjoy meeting you and getting to know you at the Consultation Visit. I love the creativity, smiles and laughter that flow during your session and capturing your unique story. I get excited to show up at your home for your Reveal Session, where you see your images for the first time. (When tears flow, my eyes are misty as well.) So at any given time, I may say, “This is my favorite part!” And it truly is a highlight in that moment. But the culmination of it all, definitely makes for a favorite aspect of what I do. So, it’s with so much joy when I can text or call and say, I’m out for delivery!

Curious about the Leila Photography process? Check out the Investment page on the website.

Have a favorite Leila Photography product? I’d love to hear!

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