Reopening after Covid-19: Waco Newborn Photographer

We’ve all been adjusting. Before a world-wide pandemic, I felt like my safety practices were a cornerstone of my business. Beyond posing and baby safety, my policies for health and safety were a discussion point at each consultation visit.

Reschedule for illness. ✔

Wash hands thoroughly before handling a baby. ✔

Clean and sanitize anything that comes in contact with baby. ✔

Mop the studio before each newborn session. ✔

Mask-wear for winter newborn sessions while “bugs” are going around. ✔

Then Covid happened, and the world was turned upside-down.

After being out of work for about 10 weeks, the thought of returning to the studio was pure joy. But, I wanted to ensure that I was putting every effort into providing the safest client experience.

The studio is small and socially distancing is difficult. Especially, if you desire a posed newborn session, which requires handling your precious newborn. So, here are the safety practices I have in place currently, to try to provide the best and safest space for my clients:

  1. No more than one client unit in the studio per day for sessions (special accommodations for newborn sessions.)
  2. Surfaces are sanitized after each client.
  3. Any used props/materials are cleaned/sanitized after each client (and/or placed in quarantine for 3-5 days.)
  4. I will mask-wear for the entire session. Clients may choose to wear a mask for down-times; it’s not required. (Update: Per the Waco mandate issued to begin on 6/20/20, all clients 10 or older will be required to wear a mask in the studio.)
  5. A best effort to quarantine the whole studio for 3-5 days, prior to a newborn session. To accomplish this, means:
    • More outdoor on-location sessions
    • Consultation sessions via phone or in client homes
    • Reveal sessions in client homes, or at an agreed upon location
  6. A six foot distance is marked out to allow for social distancing during adult/family images.
  7. No hassle-rescheduling if you or any family member experiences illness or exhibits Covid-19 related symptoms (as outlined by the CDC).
  8. Rescheduling if I, the photographer, exhibit any illness or concerning Covid-19 related symptoms as outlined by the CDC.

Not everyone is concerned about the risks of Covid-19, and I respect different points of view. However, I am personally driven by the fact that my clients are part of a vulnerable population; It’s my responsibility to do everything in my ability to ensure the safest situation possible including following recommended best practices.

If the safety measures in place, do not provide the comfort level you need, there are still options we can implement:

  • On-location sessions, outdoors, where we can better social distance.
  • A lifestyle newborn session in your home, where only you handle your baby.

I’d love to answer any questions you may have about a Leila Photography session procedures. Leave a comment or question here, through my website,, via my social media pages @waconewbornphotographer, or better yet, just give me a call! 254-723-5591.

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