Waco Newborn Photographer: Why A Consultation Visit?

I think bumfuzzled might be the word.

It was definitely a conundrum.

The weight of it rested in my gut. Your tiny infant. Entrusted to my hands.  And, unless I did your maternity session, a virtual stranger.

Maybe it was because it took us 5 years to get pregnant, or maybe it’s just my personality, but I didn’t take the new-mom-gig, lightly.  I read, re-read and then referenced my “What to Expect…” books.  I didn’t just have one, you guys.  I had the series..pregnant, first year, and toddler years…stacked beside my bed, and I wasn’t even in my third trimester.

I Googled and contemplated. Every single choice that had to do with the baby I was carrying, was carefully considered.

Abigale 123web

At that time Newborn Photography wasn’t really on my radar as an industry…(it was 14 years ago, y’all).  But, I honestly can’t imagine how daunting it would have been to take my brand new infant to a Newborn Photographer, whom I’d only spoken to on the phone for 5 minutes, or through a few lines of e-mail.

While I’ve frequently been thrilled to be the photographer meeting you and your babe for the first time in-person at a session, it felt like there was a better way.

Opening the studio on Sanger, opened the door for improvement. With the Consultation Visit, we can meet prior to your session. You get to preview the studio, check out the available prop options, handle the products we have available, and have all of your questions answered with less back-and-forth than email. But, most importantly, you get face-to-face time with me. Me, the person who you are entrusting with posing and photographing your little 7-ish lb. dream fulfilled.


If you’ve already sat in a consultation with me, you know I’ll mention that I may not be the right photographer for you.  I think we all know from personal experience that sometimes we just don’t “fit” with a service provider, and sometimes they are the Salted Caramel to our Mocha.

There are many amazing photographers in the Greater Waco Area whom I’m happy to recommend, when Leila Photography is not the fit for you. I really don’t take it personally, y’all. It’s too important that you are confident, happy and reassured by your choice.

If you choose me as your photographer, I am kind-of like a mama hen. I will happily gather you under my wing.  But, if your comfort level or pocketbook dictate a different option, I will encourage you and (with my years of Conscious Discipline in the classroom 😉 )..wish you well.

It was a conundrum to me.  It felt off kilter.  But, now it feels just right.  Serving clients through a Consultation Visit is the right fit for Leila Photography, and I think it’s the right fit for you.

It’s easy to find out for yourself. Click below, and I’ll be in touch.

I’m Interested in a Consultation Visit!

Also, did you know that if you can’t remember my biz name or website…just enter one of the following:




Now, its easier than ever to land on my website to take a peek around, and see if you want to pick up that phone and schedule your consultation.


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