Waco Newborn Photography: When should you schedule your Newborn Session?

If you weren’t already aware of just how quickly the hands on the clock spin ’round…just wait until baby arrives. Feeding schedules, sleep deprivation, family visits, and hours cuddling your new infant…all of the sudden six weeks has passed and left you a little dazed.

Since we try to get newborns in during those first two weeks of life, to get the curly, womb-like poses, that fill Pinterest pages and photographer’s galleries, it’s important to schedule your newborn session BEFORE baby arrives.

When should you contact us?

I encourage expectant moms to get on my calendar at the beginning of their 3rd trimester. This gives us time to get to know each other at a Consultation Visit, as well as prepare for the best session possible.

How do we schedule Newborn Sessions?

We use a place-holder for your Newborn Session, based on your due-date. Since only 4% of babies actually arrive on their due date, we know that your place-holder date is tentative.  But, by already having you on our calendar, your slot is secure and the month won’t be overbooked. We’ll have the flexibility to accommodate you, whenever baby does make their appearance.

How do we get our firm Session Date?

Contact us as soon as possible after baby’s arrival, so that we can get your firm session date on the calendar.   By having a place-holder in our system, we can quickly and easily adjust your session date.

What if we miss the 2 week window?

If I was preaching a sermon on Newborn Photography, one of my outline points would be that the 2-week-window isn’t Biblical!  It is an industry standard for good reason, but we won’t turn you away if circumstances dictate a different schedule.

Not in the “2-week window” still so sweet

Newborns change quickly, and the two week window helps us really capture that awe-inspiring “newness” of your tiny baby, BUT we can still get beautiful photos of your baby after the 2 week window.  It’s just important to acknowledge that our expectations do change drastically with infants who have been earth-side longer, and some poses may no longer appropriate.

While we can sometimes schedule last minute Newborn Sessions within the two-week window, it is much more difficult. We hate when we can’t serve you for your Newborn Session experience. So, get your newborn session on our calendars early in your 3rd trimester, and don’t let that time slide away.

If you are late in your 2nd trimester, or starting your third trimester, call us today to set up a Consultation Visit 254-723-5591, or fill out your interest form here.

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