In Person Reveal Sessions: Why Do We Love Them?

Leila Photography has been under construction, but unlike 1-35 in Waco right now,  it’s been mostly behind-the-scenes, so you may not have really noticed.

One of those changes has been transitioning toward in person Reveal Sessions.

Customer service should revolve around making your life better and easier, and I’m so convinced that this service does that!

Here are my top 10 reasons I love them:

10. Baby Snuggles. (Okay, so maybe this is a selfish one.) I get extra baby-snuggles, while you focus on your slideshow and favorite images.⁠

9. Heart Warming. Tears running down momma’s cheeks during the slide-show, and dad leaning in for a hug…it’s better than a Hallmark Movie, y’all!⁠

8. Client Style. When your Reveal Session is in your home, your personal style is much clearer than a questionnaire can reveal, so personalizing your service is that much easier.⁠

7. Client convenience. You choose to have your Reveal Session in your home, sitting on your couch, or at the studio, sitting on my couch. (Regardless of where, you get to relax and enjoy!)

6. Client Choice. You get to preview your proofs (a bigger selection of images) and decide which expressions you love the most. I won’t accidentally cull out an image that you would have really loved.⁠

5. Touch and feel. Products are on hand for you to experience. While online shopping is definitely our new norm, there is something to being able to put your hands on products and experience what you are actually purchasing.

4. Less Confusion. In-person service eliminates any confusion in the ordering process. ⁠

3. Customized Service. We can take measurements, talk portrait locations and figure out just how your images will be displayed. Your products are delivered ready for you to fully enjoy.⁠

2. Time valued. Your questions are answered immediately. Your whole reveal session is about one hour… and it’s done! It’s off your plate, and you can start getting excited about the products heading to your door.⁠

And the very top reason I love our new Reveal Sessions??⁠

1. It’s just a better way to serve you! (and did I mention I get extra baby snuggles?) ⁠

After a few recent Reveal Sessions as we’ve transitioned, I have zero doubts that it is absolutely the best way for me to serve my clients.⁠

All Leila Photography portrait sessions will now be booked with an in-person reveal session. Have a question? Leave it in the comments, so others can get the answer, too!

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