A Leila Photography Newborn Session: Cute, Squishy Goodness and an Amazing Family

Y’all!  When this momma got in touch with me, it was as a referral from another precious client.  Unfortunately, based on some circumstances, it looked like my studio wouldn’t be a good fit for their session.  I immediately recommended some of my trusted Newborn Photographer friends in the area.  It’s always a little disappointing to feel like you are losing a potential client, especially a referral, but I also firmly believe my job is first and foremost about service.  I also knew they would be in great hands if they chose one of my recommendations.

So, it was to my surprise when mom contacted me again.She had figured out a way to work through the obstacles, just so they could book with ME. NO PRESSURE!  Ha.  (Yes, regardless of how many sessions I do, I am a chronic worrier about disappointing my amazing clients.)Ollie-3534_WEB

I don’t know if it was the two big brothers the ages of my own boys, the mom, who I’m convinced could be my best friend if we lived nearer, or just the overall connection of the family, but I have never been happier to have a family in my studio.  (Mom and I teared-up together several times. So, of course I loved her.)

They brought precious little Ollie in at 13 days old, and he was the cutest bundle of squishiness.  I’m pretty sure he was my biggest newborn (within the two-week window) to date, but he was actually the smallest birthweight of all of this momma’s boys. He was 9 lb. 1 oz. at birth.  Ollie-3547_WEB

When I would turn to look at mom and dad, during my session, mom’s enjoyment and excitement were palpable.  It’s so much fun for me to see clients enjoying their session.

These big brothers were too amazing.  They were actually there for the whole session and were just perfect.  When it came time to cuddle with their baby brother, you could tell how proud they were of him. Ollie-3617_WEB

As we did the final family shot, and I looked on the back of my camera, I had to show mom.  Tears welled up in her eyes, and she apologized for getting emotional.  I just hugged her and got emotional right along with her.  (Dad was such a sport and didn’t seem too phased by our craziness.)  I love what I do.  I love working with newborns.


I love connecting with families in this transitional time of family-growth. I love putting memories on their walls to treasure for the years ahead.


I’d love to help you put memories on your walls, too. Take a peek at my galleries, to see if my sessions might be a fit for you.  I love making new client-friends.



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