A Newborn Session: When Heaven Intervenes

Last May this Go Fund Me story showed up in my Facebook feed.  I don’t even recall who shared it. I’m completely guilty of scrolling past many, reading some, and responding to very few.  But, I read this one. They were absolute strangers, yet their story struck a chord in my heart I couldn’t ignore. Tragedy had hit them in a painful way, and it felt very close to home.  I responded with what I’m sure was a very small monetary gift.  A token to represent the prayer that filled my heart for them.

In mid-September, I got a call from a momma in the hospital just 2 days after giving birth.  Another client had referred her to me. She needed a newborn session, and thankfully we were able to get her scheduled in.  With a toddler at home, she was crazy busy and didn’t have a chance to complete my typical questionnaire.  She had mentioned some things on the phone that helped me prep some for her session.  Through text, I sent her a few more questions.  Her responses would have given me more insight into their family, but in an unexplainable twist, her response to that text didn’t show up on my phone until the weekend after their session.

Thus, when this sweet momma with her babies entered my door and sat on my couch. It was the first inkling that I had that this sweet family was the very same that had endured such heartache last May.  They brought along a hard-hat that belonged to daddy and big sister’s softball. Mia-3723_WEB

I cannot express the feeling of Divine intervention as I visited with momma, and cuddled her toddler in my lap.   All of my clients become important to me, but this family was already part of my heart.

Since sweet baby Mia was very unsettled and uncomfortable when unwrapped, her session was entirely swaddled images.  With baby-led posing, I may not get every pose with every baby, but I will still capture memories and beautiful moments.Mia-3700_WEB

One thing mom had shared was that her daddy would always “pull-faces” and wouldn’t be serious for pictures.  I loved being able to include some funny faces of this little one.  A little reminder of her daddy.


I normally don’t take individual sibling shots at a Newborn Session, but as mom fed baby, I played with sister.  We got such sweet shots that I had to include them in the gallery.  The bottom image of her is my absolute favorite!Mia-3738_WEB

Mom wanted to capture the girls together.  She hadn’t really intended to do pictures of her and baby, but I love that we got these in.  Mia-3780_WEB

This momma is so beautiful.  Yes, in outward appearance, but more importantly her soul radiates a calm beauty that gently reflects her Faith.  You guys know I lean toward the emotional-side, and I teared-up every single time she commented on social media, or sent me a text. I can’t fathom the hard things she walks through daily, but she chooses to keep stepping forward. I loved hearing how their Church and Community have surrounded them with love and support.

In the small picture view, I did my job. A job I love.  On the grander scale, I was given the extremely humbling gift of documenting a new life that is a gentle reminder of her father’s love.  I received the blessing of creating treasured reminders, that I pray will help bridge the gap until this family reunites in Heaven one day.  I was given the opportunity to pray over this family as I edited, as I ordered their proofs, and as I mailed their images.

I thought I was supporting strangers back in May when I clicked on a Go Fund Me link.  Turns out I was supporting my extended family.

Thank you for taking the time to read, like and comment on my blogs.  Your support means the world to me.





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