Leila Photography Maternity Session, Waco TX Photographer

At the viewing session with this mommy-to-be today, I shared that when maternity pictures started becoming more popular, I really didn’t get it.  However, after the wonderful experience of carrying my first child, there is only one photo of my very pregnant belly.   It happens to be the most horrendously awful picture of me in dumpy gray sweats, sans make-up.  Although it looks like the mug-shot of a hippo, it’s in the scrapbook because it’s all I’ve got.  Guess what?  I can’t tell you how much I wish I had some precious maternity photos to look back on. The journey through a pregnancy is amazing, and it is a beautiful experience.  It’s definitely worthy of capturing.  So, it was truly an honor and a joy to spend some moments with this sweet couple who are about to become parents to a precious little girl. They were so much fun, and this waiting momma is without a doubt, absolutely beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Leila Photography Maternity Session, Waco TX Photographer

  1. Absolutely LOVE! I am a huge fan of maternity photos! There is something so special about this part of a mother's journey that should be captured in every way. I Love your sweet story… I seriously had to laugh out loud! Love you friend!


  2. Thank you sweet friend…It was such a blessing that you let me tag along on the Eyth maternity shoot a year..or maybe even two..ago. This was my first maternity session, but just having had that experience was invaluable. It definitely is such an awesome time, and really special to photograph.

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