6 Month Session| Leila Photography| Waco,TX Photography

 I am so blessed to know this family.  I photographed big brother for his 3rd birthday and then photographed little sister’s newborn photos when she arrived.  It was such a delight to see them interacting at her 6 month session.  They were enjoying each other so much.  Their session just makes me happy.

 This one cracks me up.  I think her little 6 month old self was thinking “This crazy lady stuck me in a bowl bwahahaha.  Who’d have thought?”

 She couldn’t have been more of a delight.  Even though she had actually missed her afternoon nap,  she was all smiles.

 Laughing together and tender moments.  (She was not sure why I stuck the hat on his head.  Very curious indeed!)

 Never got both of them looking at the same time, but still
captured some super sweet moments with these siblings.

 She was already all girl and loved her pearls and
frilly skirt. 

We recreated one of her newborn shots.  The headband is made from both of her grandmother’s wedding dresses.  Too precious.

 Precious pouty lips and sweet features.  I couldn’t love this little one and her family more.

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