First Official Client! 6 Month Session

Oh My Goodness!  This little beauty was my very first official Leila Photography client.  I had photographed her and big sis when she was three months old, and it was an honor to be chosen to do her six month pics.

(Gorgeous big sis is featured right at the top of my website homepage.)
Could this baby be more perfect?  She was so amazing even though she wasn’t so sure about the camera.  Her smiles were freely given until that big black thing came up in front of my face and then she gave me the most intense stare.  The ribbons and frilly lace mom had dressed her in peaked her curiosity and intrigued her.
She kept untying her ribbon about as soon as mom would get it tied.  She kept me laughing; she was so much fun!

Love this expression!  It makes me laugh every time.

Playing pattycake finally brought a smile.

You can just see that she is saying, “Pick me up! I’m done.”  Mom picked her up and within minutes she was sound asleep.  Her precious family has two amazingly beautiful girls, and it has truly been a blessing to be chosen to photograph them. 

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