Monday Mom Minute, Episode 9, Leila Photography with Postpartum Doula and Lactation Services of Waco

After the initial excitement of baby's arrival, the onslaught of visitors, and maybe some hands-on help from family.. It quiets down. It's just you and baby. What then? It can be an isolating time. You're bone-weary, your time and body feel like they are no longer your own, and you're navigating this new wonderful, but hard, [...]

Monday Mom Minute, Episode 8, Leila Photography with Grow Baby Nutrition

November 1, 2021 Like many of my Mom Minute guests, Lauren of Grow Baby Nutrition first came on my radar by popping up in my Instagram feed. I was pretty ecstatic to realize she was here in the Waco area. The content she was putting out for mommas, was top-notch, and I was quick to [...]