Monday Mom Minute, Episode 7, Leila Photography with Compleo Waco

October 25, 2021

Just wow! I sat down with Dr. Kelsey Baas of Compleo Physical Therapy and Wellness, and in our chat we seemed to just barely scratch the surface of how she and the Compleo team are serving Waco area families.

The Compleo umbrella covers both Compleo Waco, serving adults, and Compleo Kids, with pediatric services. Their overarching goal is to help families be happy, healthy and pain-free through a multi-disciplinary team approach.

While we do briefly touch on the overall services their team provides, and some key players on that team, we honed in on something that had really caught my interest: Their Little Movers Series. This series of 3 courses, covers key developmental stages. These courses were offered for the community, but are now also available online!

After Kelsey gives us a bit of a peek into those courses, it leads into an interesting conversation on toys. So before you do your Christmas
shopping, grab your coffee (or Passion Tea Lemonade) and check out our chat!

Monday Mom Minute, Episode 7, Leila Photography with Dr. Kelsey Baas, Compleo Physical Therapy and Welness

The Monday Mom Minute is a new interview series by Heather Sullivan of Leila Photography, to serve parents in the Waco, Texas area with local resources surrounding pregnancy, postpartum care, birth, newborns, babies, toddlers, preschool, and childhood.

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