Waco Newborn Photographer: Baby Led Posing

When we talk about “baby-led” posing at your consultation visit, I explain what it means within the context of Leila Photography sessions, because it could mean different things to different photographers.

This sweet girl was super-curly and wanted those legs tucked up tight and close. She easily molded herself into a “womb” pose.

For me, it means that my workflow doesn’t reign supreme. Your newborn does. Awake time? We roll with it. Preference for being wrapped? More swaddled shots.

Different things impact your newborn’s posing: The length of time out of the womb, a gassy tummy, and even what seems like just an ingrained personal preference. Some infants will mold into a pose with ease, and another will becoming fussy. Each baby is so unique.

I do work through a similar posing workflow with all babies, but I also recognize when a baby is not settling comfortably in a pose, and work to adjust it to their comfort-level. Baby-led.

The philosophy around here, is that it’s never about achieving a particular pose. It’s about safely photographing your beautiful infant, telling their unique story of newness, and documenting this new season of life for your family.

Are you expecting and interested in knowing more about our Legacy Newborn Sessions? Call me at 254-723-5591.

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