Waco Newborn Photographer: Give Me Digital Files…or Not

Probably one of the first questions I get in numerous inquiries is, “How much are your digital files?” With our transition to the digital age, it has become consumer expectation that a photographer will hand over digital files after a photography session, sometimes even include those files in the Session Fee.

I don’t. (Before you scroll or click away, give me a chance to explain.)

Rapid technology changes, studies on the psychology of physical products displayed in the home, true cost of a “digital image,” there are so many facets, that I could approach this conversation from more directions than the Waco Traffic Circle. But, in an effort for brevity, I’m only going to focus on one of my motivations: Genuine service to my clients.

Client: “I just want the digitals.”

Me: “But do you? Do you really?”

How many times have clients have sat in front of me confessing that it took two years to actually print the digital files from their wedding, or that they haven’t quite gotten around to printing the images from their last photo session? It’s reality, folks, in this crazy well-meaning, but busier-than-busy life we lead.

The result is that images sit on a disc, usb or hard drive, not bringing smiles and enjoyment for years. In my niche of the industry two years is a LOOONG time. Your brand new infant becomes a walking, talking, toddler in that span of time. While you still might love seeing that newborn portrait on the wall three years later, you’ve missed out on a conversation starter, smile-bringer, and a true enjoyment-giver.

In essence, with digital files only, you’ve rendered your investment in newborn photos, a little lack-luster.

Yes, you can pull up images on your phones. But let’s face it, an album on your side table is much more inviting to visiting guests, who will oooh and ahhh over the cutest baby ever born.


Even the super-est of super parents, know that once baby is here, the sleep deprivation, feeding, changing, and life-living with an infant, make it difficult to keep up with basic responsibilities, let alone getting products created for your walls.

By providing you with beautiful wall art, and physical memories, delivered right to your hands, you can focus on what you really want to focus on…your new gig as parents.

A professional photographer has access to creating products that are truly color calibrated, archival or heirloom quality, and industry-leading. If you want a product that endures for a lifetime and beyond, your professional photographer is your resource for products that will be endure.

It’s understood that we live in a digital age, and because of that, Digital Files are still a part of the product line at Leila Photography. It goes without saying that you’ve earned some bragging rights, and friends and family, need to slow-their-scroll, when your baby pops into their feed.

The goal at Leila Photography is to serve you well, by creating tangible ways for you to enjoy your images, and providing digital files as a secondary option.

So instead of, “How much are digital files?” Let’s have a conversation about where your favorite portrait of your newborn will be displayed. Let’s chat about putting a grandparent album on Nana’s coffee-table. Let’s look at jewerly options. (People will literally ask YOU about your baby, and you won’t even seem like an obnoxiously proud parent.)

Sure, you can still stand there sharing through a phone scroll, but your baby is truly a miracle. A genuine work of art.

Let’s create something meaningful.

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