I’m Overwhelmed! How Do I Choose a Photographer in Waco, Texas?

Reality. If Waco, Texas has one photographer, it has eleventy-billion. (Okay, that number may be from a former student in my Pre-K classroom, instead of an exact mathematical truth, but it totally feels legit.)

Thus, it seems a little overwhelming. How do you start narrowing your search, when you are trying to find the right photographer for you?

Niche: While there are some all-around photographers out there, most of us in the photography industry find our specific niche, and stick with it. If you call me requesting a photographer for your wedding, I will be referring you to some of our amazing Wedding photographers in the area. Read: I don’t touch weddings with a 10-foot-pole.

You deserve a photographer who has invested their time, training, and personal passion, in the specific area of photography you need. It’s discerning, when searching for someone to photograph your expected baby, to locate a photographer in that specific field. Newborn Photographers should specialize in handling newborns, be familiar with industry safety practices, and provide the props to make your newborn photo vision come to life. Here’s a great source for vetting your Newborn Photographer.

Style: Style is so subjective. I passed a store the other day with red pleather pants and a leopard print frilly top, boldly filling the display window. I figured out in less than a heartbeat, that I was NOT their ideal client. But, their door was swinging open and people were going in. As uniquely as we are created, it stands to reason that our style choices would be as varied and diverse as we are.

Photography is no different. In the past few years, I’ve seen the rise of a trendy, more earthy, lifestyle look. I love all types of styles of photography, and follow many photographers with this particular style. Additionally, there are photographers who do elaborate prop set-ups, or creative digital backgrounds. There is a style that will call to you. Find it. Skip on by the ones you may not necessarily dislike, but that don’t speak to you personally, or fit with what you envision displayed in your home. The great thing about variety is that it gives you options as a consumer.

Our authentic style at Leila Photography, centers on simple, clean, timeless, portraiture, leaning into traditional, but inspired by connection and interaction. Find a photographer who matches your style, so that you are elated with the end product.

©Leila Photography 2019

Budget: We all live within a different budget and spending mindset. I will be honest, I was a Payless shoe girl, until I met my husband. He first taught me about un-clenching my penny-pinching fists, for quality and longevity. My twenty-year old self would have laughed, if you’d whispered in her ear what what she would be willing to spend on a pair of shoes in the future. But, my *Ahem-* year-old feet are grateful for an investment in brands that combine comfort and style in long-lasting quality.

Everyone lives within a different budget, and different spending priorities. For one person, a Kate Spade purse is a must, for another a Starbucks coffee seems like wasted money.

With the sheer number of photographers in an area, it’s pretty easy to find different choices that span budgeting options. Entry-level photographers, may offer in-expensive services, as they build their portfolios, and some seasoned photographers, have built brands based on personalized service, legacy preservation, and high-end products. Find a service that will fit your spending priorities, and make your personal investment feel worth-while.

©Leila Photography 2019

There may be eleventy-billion photographers in the Greater Waco area, but it’s easy to start narrowing the options when you take a look at your personal budget and investment beliefs, the style that appeals to you, and the specific niche you’re seeking. Using this funnel, will help you land on options that will be a great fit for you.

If you are looking for a Newborn, Maternity, or Childhood studio photographer, with a clean, timeless style, we’d love to sit down with you and see if our services are a perfect fit for you. We offer obligation free in-person consultations, where you can comfortably ask all of your questions, and preview our services. Call us at 254-723-5591, to schedule your in-person visit, or stalk us on Instagram for a while, to see if our niche and style speak to you.

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