Waco Newborn Photographer: A few of my Favorite Things…part 1

Mmkay, so if you have Julie Andrews singing in your head right now, you're welcome. If not, c'mon, it's a classic people (or...yikes, maybe I'm just old.) And while, "Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,".... wouldn't necessarily make it into my personal top 20, I definitely have a few favorite things [...]

Waco Newborn Photography: When should you schedule your Newborn Session?

If you weren't already aware of just how quickly the hands on the clock spin 'round...just wait until baby arrives. Feeding schedules, sleep deprivation, family visits, and hours cuddling your new infant...all of the sudden six weeks has passed and left you a little dazed. Since we try to get newborns in during those first [...]