Waco Newborn Photographer: A few of my Favorite Things…part 1

Mmkay, so if you have Julie Andrews singing in your head right now, you’re welcome. If not, c’mon, it’s a classic people (or…yikes, maybe I’m just old.)

And while, “Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,”…. wouldn’t necessarily make it into my personal top 20, I definitely have a few favorite things that I select as products to offer you. Because, when I select a product to offer to my clients, I truly L-O-V-E, love it.

Quality is naturally a big influence on my product selections, but I also love versatility. Your families grow and change, so having a product that serves you over time is not only a better investment, but a way to ensure you are still delighting in your session images for years to come.

Floating Locket with additional Bezels

I may not be a huge jewelry girl, but when I’m “put together” I hardly leave the house without a necklace and earrings. Wearing my own family in the Floating Locket, has provided a conversation piece as well as just the joy of wearing those I truly hold closest to my heart….well, close to my heart.

The ability to have multiple bezels from one session, to enjoy different images on different days, or adding new bezels at future sessions, gives you a unique, piece of jewelry that is as versatile as it is meaningful.

Snap Jewelry Tassel Necklace

My more recently added Snap Jewelry line has the same versatility of the floating locket, with even broader possibilities, since it encompasses a whole line of products. Interchangeable snaps add versatility and longevity to your enjoyment, with multiple pieces adding even more variety. In addition to the Tassel Necklace, the Adjustable Ring, Silver Chain Bracelet, and Corded Leather Necklace make it easy to find something that is in line with your personal style.

“Raindrops on roses,” are definitely poetic and pretty great, but I’m over here convinced that once you wear your own jewelry (and let’s face it, get some subtle bragging in on that gorgeous baby of yours), you’ll be singing about this jewelry being one of your favorite things, too. Or, at least humming along. 😉

Want to see it in person and pick your favorite piece? Come in for a personal consultation visit, and see if Leila Photography is the right fit for your Maternity, Newborn or Childhood session.

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