The Leila Photography Baby Registry

You can now register for part of your Legacy Newborn session fee, along with beautiful art products of your tiny-one, to preserve your memories for a lifetime.babyregistryLike many modern registries, you create your registry online and can easily share your registry link with your baby shower attendees via e-vites or Facebook events.  If you plan to send traditional snail-mail invites, there are beautiful registry cards that you can enclose with your registry’s online location.
Leila Photography Baby RegistryThe arrival of a newborn cements a monumental change in your family.  While it seems like you couldn’t possibly forget those tiny details and expressions, or the feeling of their soft skin against your cheek, memories do tend to grow clouded and fuzzy with time. Your opportunity to capture the newness of your infant, and this special change in your family, is a gift that can be treasured long after the scent of baby shampoo has faded, the tiny diapers are outgrown and the pack-n-play is stowed away.
BO8629webSo many expenses, big and small, accompany a new addition to the family.  By registering through our Leila Photography Baby Registry, your family and friends get to be part of documenting this special occasion, putting long-lasting memories onto your walls and into your hands.
James1379webAre you ready to create your own registry, or do you have questions?  Email me at

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