Leila Photography Family Session: A momma and her babies

I have known this momma for several years, as she was usually the first face I saw when I visited my children’s elementary school.  So, when she contacted me about photographing her and her gorgeous children, I knew it would be a really fun session.  SFam-4444_WEBNo matter how our children grow, as that enormously popular children’s book says, “….as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” So, even though her youngest is eight, and her eldest will graduate high school this year, this was a special opportunity to capture a momma and her babies. SFam-8094_WEBI am a firm believer in being in pictures with your children.  Sometimes as women, we shy away from the camera for numerous reasons.  It is so important for your children to have these tangible memories of you in their lives.  Investing in family portraits creates a physical reminder of our relationship.  It is a treasure that can be valued beyond our lifetime. So, well done momma for making family photos a priority.  Mommas, choose to be in pictures with your babies!SFam-4496_WEBThis family photo is my favorite!  What a gorgeous group of humans. SFam-8123_WEBBeing a single, full-time working parent is not a job for the light-hearted.  It is tough. While these kiddos have a dad who invests in their lives, it is still a struggle for a momma to do the day-in, day-out things that pile up when you have three kiddos. She wanted to represent her tenacity and commitment. She wanted a picture of the power and strength she feels as a dedicated momma to her three kids. SFam-4522_WEBShaRonda, I’m so thankful you gave me the opportunity to capture your beautiful family. It was such a fun session, and I truly believe that the images displayed in your home will always be a special reminder of your heart for your babies, and a reminder to them of the investment you make in their lives daily. SFam-4473_WEBYour feedback makes my heart pitter-patter.  I love hearing from you.  Leave a comment below, or let me know if you’d love a session in this beautiful location.

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