Still New: A Leila Photography Newborn Session at 7 weeks old.

It’s too vital to have beautiful memories on your walls, of early days as a family, to skip a session just because it didn’t fall within a prescribed timeline. So, while I will continue to recommend the two-week timeline for a Newborn Session, because of it’s advantages for capturing the sleepy, curly, womb-like newness, I will also continue to happily photograph older newborns.  Sometimes life happens, and for a multitude of reasons the weeks can slip by.  Yet, a baby under 8 weeks of age, is still very new, and a delight to photograph.

I wouldn’t have missed photographing this sweet family and their little man for the world. Mom completely understood that their session would probably look different than a “typical” newborn session (if there really is such a thing.) However, we were able to still get some fun posed images. Seven weeks old and posing like a champ…plus he has filled out cheeks and backrolls to boot! I mean, who would pass this up?Walker-7951_WEBWe also got some beautiful images with a more lifestyle approach. I showed mom the yawn on the back of the camera, because I immediately loved it, and guess which image grandma picked out? Newborn images are all about remembering your baby, and the scrunched up nose and stretches are just as sweet as the perfectly posed, sleeping shot.Walker-3898_WEBSupplementing a set-up with the hand-made blanket a friend had made for them, allowed us to transition him from feeding to photo, without unwrapping him. We got sweet, dreamy poses, while giving him time to drift off into a deeper sleep. We also got sweet reminders of this beautiful gift.Walker-3868_WEBThis delightful family was so much fun to have in the studio. While we were chatting during their session, mom and I realized we had a connection through the school where I previously taught. Dad and I had a small point of connection, too.  I always love small-world moments. I also love seeing a momma and daddy so in love with the little life that is now a part of their world. Walker-3904_WEBThere are photographers in the industry who only accept newborns within the first two weeks of life. They do what works for them and their business, but I’m certainly glad I’m not missing out on those still-new, older newborns. Because, one day this little man will be running around the house with his nerf-gun, or rollerblading through the living room, and mom will glance up at their Newborn session photo.  Just for a moment, she’ll remember what it felt like to cradle him in her arms when he was oh-so-small.  In that second, the few weeks session difference won’t even exist. Years will fade away, while she treasures memories of beginning life with her tiny man.Walker-3888_WEBDo you have an older newborn, but felt like you missed the window of opportunity for those newborn session photos?  I hope you’ll contact me. I’d love to talk to you about photographing your infant while they are still new.

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