One of my favorite Waco spots with one of my favorite Waco families.

Those tiny little newborns grow up. While I love being a maternity and newborn focused photographer, I also love watching my clients grow. I photographed the youngest brother and sister of this clan as newborns, and I adore this family. If you are ever over at the Waco Family Y, you may recognize some of this crew. CHFAM-4119_WEBThis family is so laid back and fun to work with.  Seriously, I think we laughed through most of their session. Mom indicated that for this year’s family session she would like something “bricky,” and I was ecstatic.  I have a secret love affair with Elm Street.  Okay, maybe it’s not really a secret, since I’ve encouraged sessions there on several occasions, and then proceeded to gush over it to clients.  Every time I drive down Elm, which is frequently, the textures and colors make me HAPPY, and I wonder about all of the stories that the street holds.  I’m so thankful that Lula Janes, Art on Elm, and the refurbished East Waco Library have brought more color, life and soul into the street. I dream of having a studio on Elm one day.  Then in my wildest, craziest imaginings, I purchase every last abandoned building on Elm and restore them without destroying the original facade. I will probably do that with my lottery winnings, but since I don’t even play….well, the odds of that happening are a bit slimmer than if I did ;).

Back to the real story.  Mom said “bricky, if that’s a word,” and I was like, “Yep!  Totally is in my book.  Let’s hit Elm.”  Since they are so laid back I figured they wouldn’t mind me taking a little liberty and photographing them in this spot that I’ve been eyeing forever.  The color.  The texture.  Gaaaah!  Love it. CHFAM-4113_WEBI’ve watched the older siblings grow up as well, and I love them.  Oldest sister makes me tear up a little. She is just a picture of truest beauty with her sweet spirit and loving heart. Biggest brother has always been pretty typical of guys his age, not so much a fan of family photo-session time, but he rocked this session with some good natured participation. Then there’s the used-to-be-the-baby-of-the-family-middle brother.  You guys. He is the sweetest little man on earth. He melts my soul every. single. time. with his gentle spirit and quick smile.CHFAM-4042_WEBY’all, the babies….and their blue eyes. Last year little brother didn’t quite know what to make of me and there was nary a smile.  This year, he was all smiles and so adorable following in his older sibling’s steps for individual pictures.  He “posed” himself for the first shot. CHFAM-4080_WEBIt feels like we just did littlest sister’s newborn session, but here she is already almost 6 months old. They grow so fast.CHFAM-4098_WEBWe moved over to a little more “bricky” spot, and could this family be more adorable?  Just no. CHFAM-4141_WEBPrecious Hernandez-Melton Family, you are the absolute most fun to work with. Thank you for choosing Leila Photography for your family memories. I couldn’t love you more

If you are reading this and want to join the Leila Photography family, I love starting with my newest clients and watching them grow.  Expecting?  The beginning of your third trimester is the perfect time to book your newborn session. I’d love to hear from you. 

Do you love this location, the family, or their session?  I love seeing those likes and reading your comments.

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