Tiny but Mighty: A 3 Year Session

She was one of my first official clients. I photographed her as a belly-bump, and I’m pretty sure she was my first newborn session after officially starting my business. You’ve heard the phrases: “Tiny but Mighty!” and “She may be small, but she’s fierce!” They may not have been coined specifically for her, but they could have been.  At 3 years old, my little friend has endured more than most adults between surgeries and therapies. She is smart, she is funny, and she is a fighter. I count it such a privilege that I have been able to watch her grow through my lens.  And yes, her cuteness level is off-the-charts!_DSC5875_WEB

To see all of her sweet expressions, there were hats, silly music and cheerio bribes. She put Nana, mom and I all to work, and it was definitely all worth it to get these images. Can you even get over her preciousness?

This fun little girl is the absolute best “snuggler”. I didn’t mind a bit getting extra hugs at her session, even though they started to make me laugh. (She knew if I was getting snuggles  I couldn’t take her picture, so she was pulling out the charm.)


She has a beautiful momma and Nana, so it was awesome to do a little “generations” shot at the end. This one was my favorite, because there is actually a cheerio tucked between her lips. Yes, I actually could have edited it out, but it’s part of the memory. As a mom, I know that in years to come her personality at this stage of life is what they want to remember… the little moments…Cheerios and all.


One thought on “Tiny but Mighty: A 3 Year Session

  1. Thank you! I love it! You are so good with Abby! She loves you, so does the rest of the family! We have always been so pleased with our photos. You do an awesome job!😘

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