A Little Miracle: One Year Session

Born at just under 3 lbs, we did her newborn session at six weeks old; she weighed in at just about double her weight- around 6 lbs. She was, and is, a miracle and a gift to her amazing family. So, it is with utmost joy that I got to photograph her 1 Year Milestone Session.


At her adjusted-age 1 year session, my heart could have exploded over her snuggles, adorable expressions and sweetness.  Her mom’s voice triggers delight and her sister’s antics elicit the best responses!  Mom loves classic imagery, and so this simple sweet set-up, was perfect.


I love ALL expressions. Smiles are always great, but serious and silly expressions display personality. For me, they are an integral part of a gallery.  Her shoulder shrug and “What are we doing  here, again?” expression in the bottom right image, makes me giggle when I see it.  Every. Single. Time.  I swear, she could have her own line of Memes.


Her joy is contagious. She is a gift from God, an answer to prayer, and adored by so many. Her family loves Jesus and gives Him praise for her life. I can’t even express the privilege I count it to have been selected to photograph this little girl.  A session likes this has me smiling for days!


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