Do You have Questions? Let’s find Answers!

Dear Client,

I’m currently enjoying some great photography training.  I *heart, heart, heart* learning in the area of photography.  Newborn Photography is my favorite and I’m enjoying a mini-course by Kelly Brown right now.  Next week I’ve committed to a full week of Photoshop training.  I am so excited about having answers to my many questions.  I love learning something new and cementing concepts that were just shaky before.

It made me realize that I often take for granted that my clients just “know” things.  Without meaning to, I subtly  assume that you guys are out there perusing photography blogs in your spare time.   Um, which you probably aren’t, because that is my thing, and not yours.  So, while I love consulting with clients in person and providing answers to their questions, maybe you are a potential client that is just curious, or maybe you are a current client with questions about something we haven’t discussed.  Regardless, I’d like to provide answers, if I can.

What are your questions?

Do you wonder why custom photography seems ” so expensive?”  If local studios have $9.99 packages, why can’t my photographer offer prints at those prices?   Are you curious why your photographer watermarks their images on the web?  Have you thought, “Why do I need a print release from the photographer to print my images?”  Some photographers hand out discs with all of your pictures for just $30 or $40 dollars, do you wonder why we don’t all do that?  Do you want to know where you should get your digital images printed for the best quality?  Are you curious what a newborn session looks like?   Have you wondered why photographers want to photograph newborns in the 6-14 day window?  Are you wishing you knew how to take better pictures at home?  Want to get personal?  Have questions about me and why I’m doing what I do.  Shoot!  Want to know why I will photograph your newborn, but not your wedding.  Ask away!

Maybe none of these topics even touch on your question.  I have no idea what questions might be bouncing around in your heads. Whatever your question may be, if it  is remotely photography related, and I can provide an answer, I’d certainly love to try.

There are a multitude of resources out there, so I won’t be necessarily be re-inventing the wheel to answer your questions, but I’m here to connect you with answers.  My background as an educator, makes me a firm believer in being a life-long learner.  In order to learn and understand, we need to ask questions.  I’m excited about opportunities to clear up your concerns, answer your questions or just clarify your understanding.

How will this work?  Message me through Facebook, leave a comment here on the blog, or e-mail me directly at  I will either answer a question briefly through Facebook, or here on the blog.

Many, many blessings!  Ready. Set. Ask away!


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