Oh, how they grow…

I am a momma.  Those milestone moments are meaningful, I know.  The excitement you feel when your tiny person starts to smile, laugh, sit-up, crawl, utter those syllables, "muh-muh" "da-da," or take those first tentative steps is immense.  With technology now, you probably have-or will have- hundreds of photos and videos that get shared by text/social media with [...]

A Special Dress: Maternity and 6 Months

While this was actually an on-location part of this adorable 6 month session, I thought it warranted it's own post.  The first photo was taken during this couples' Maternity Session in September 2013. We were able to do a golden-hour session, and the scorching Texas summer had dried most of the grass into wheat-colored stalks.  It was [...]