Oh, how they grow…

I am a momma.  Those milestone moments are meaningful, I know.  The excitement you feel when your tiny person starts to smile, laugh, sit-up, crawl, utter those syllables, “muh-muh” “da-da,” or take those first tentative steps is immense.  With technology now, you probably have-or will have- hundreds of photos and videos that get shared by text/social media with family and friends around the world.  Although your little one’s milestone moments can be shared instantly, those images don’t often make it onto our walls or into albums for us to enjoy.

A professional session captures high-quality images to document your little one’s big moments.  My own children adore looking through printed albums or pictures of themselves on the wall. They love to see how they’ve grown and changed. Milestone sessions can be done by traditional intervals in the first year, such as 3, 6, 9 & 12 months.  Or, since every child is unique and develops differently, they can be scheduled at your own pace to document the changes you are excited about. Cake smashes are a blast and make for fun memories….even when your child hates the cake. It’s also really fun to celebrate with my small friends on their birthdays past that one year mark. _DSC4513_WEB

I get really excited about watching my clients grow, and I love to know that my clients were not only satisfied, but trust me to return for further images. (I kind of love return clients, did you know ALL return clients can receive 15% off any print/digital product orders.) If you are interested, I’d love to send you information on a milestone mini-session plan.  This is for clients who book a newborn session and would like to have 3 more mini-session milestone sessions over the upcoming year.  This is a private offer, not on my website, but I can e-mail you details.  Just fill out the contact form below.

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