Monday Mom Minute, Episode 20, with Redeemed Chiropractic

Wow, we are kicking off 2023 with our 20th Monday Mom Minute Episode! Dr. Rachel Spicer of Redeemed Chiropractic joins us to give us insight into prenatal chiropractic care, pediatric chiropractic care, her passion for empowering women, and her own journey of motherhood.

Dr. Spicer delves into chiropractic care for common discomfort during pregnancy as well as preparing your body for birth. She also shares multiple benefits and services for pediatric care, even for the teeniest of clients.

When we bring things from more of a professional to a personal level, I think the moment at 11:05 may be one of my favorite Mom Minute moments thus far as Dr. Spicer so succinctly summarizes motherhood for us.

Redeemed Chiropractic provides wonderful educational content through Instagram and Facebook. Check out their website at

The Monday Mom Minute is an interview series by Heather Sullivan of Leila Photography, to serve parents in the Waco, Texas area with local resources surrounding pregnancy, postpartum care, birth, newborns, babies, toddlers, preschool, and childhood.

To make the Monday Mom Minute more accessible, Instagram will show a month of mini-clips from our chat each Monday. You can watch the full interview here via the YouTube link.

I’d love for you to find me on Instagram, and subscribe on YouTube. Enjoy each episode of the Monday Mom Minute series headed your way!

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