Waco Newborn Photographer: Safety Procedures

Grab your coffee. I’m patting the spot beside me here on Pearl (yes, my couch has a name), and inviting you for a quick chat about Newborn Safety!

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In your consultation, you may hear me touting the phrase: Safety Procedures. That could mean different things to different people, so here is a quick summary of the procedures that Leila Photography strives to maintain for your infant’s safety.


I understand that vaccinations can be a sensitive subject in our current climate, and I respect and appreciate the freedom individuals have in researching and expressing their feelings on the subject.

However, I do feel it is my responsibility as a service provider to all newborns, to take the steps that are regarded as overall best practices in regard to infant health. Because of that responsibility, I maintain the Pertussis vaccination, and receive the flu shot annually.


Those immature immune systems need protection. I will contact you and reschedule your session if I am ill. While I love to photograph your infant within the traditional “two-week window,” I know that we can still get beautiful newborn images outside of that. I won’t compromise your baby’s health for the sake of that timeline. I also ask clients to please reschedule if an illness is running through your family. During the Winter months, while germs seem to run rampant, I am wearing a face mask for Newborn Sessions as an added safety measure.

Cleaning Standards

Items that touch your baby are disinfected or laundered before re-use. Some of our products require Woolite, but for other laundry, we use dye-free, perfume-free products, to try to accommodate all babies’ sensitive skin. Any item that doesn’t directly touch your infant is cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis as needed.

General studio cleanliness is also vital to providing you the best experience, so our procedures include individual changing pad mats for each client, sweeping and mopping the floor prior to your session, and disposal bags for dirty diapers.

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Your baby is a tiny human being, and deserves the respectful care that that entails. Leila Photography strives to maintain the best safety practices in the industry, as promoted through organizations like Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International . I strongly encourage you as a parent, to be more informed by accessing their site’s parent resources.

Continually pursuing further education on the best-practices in our industry, and how to serve you better, is foundational to me.


Our goal is to show our respect for you, and provide a positive experience, by putting forethought into the safety related aspects of serving you.

If your family has any serious allergies, sensitivities, or concerns, please discuss that with us at your Consultation, or through your questionnaire, even if you think it isn’t related. It will help us ensure our space is as accommodating as possible.

Did we miss something?

If you have a safety-related concern that wasn’t addressed, we’d love to hear from you. Please direct message, email, or call at 254-723-5591.

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