A Leila Photography Session: What to Expect, part 2

Baby has arrived.  Session day is here.  So what do you need to know about your Leila Photography Newborn Session?

After you book, you will receive your Leila Photography Newborn Session, FAQs. I’m expanding on those general areas here.

Did you miss A Leila Photography Session: What to Expect, part 1?  You may want to hop over to it, to get the basic details on scheduling your newborn session, and where and when we will do your Newborn Session.



I ALWAYS encourage family/sibling photos.  They are included in my Legacy Newborn session fee for a reason. If you are worried about doing family images, check out my post on that  here.

Ultimately what you wear depends on the clothing that makes you feel comfortable. I recommend solid or very minimized pattern clothing in neutral colors.  Bright colors, bold patterns and logos are very distracting to they eye. Neutral colors allow for the focus to remain on you and your connection with that beautiful baby-exactly where it should be.

Newborn sessions are kept VERY warm to accommodate for a newborn’s inability to regulate their own body temperature.  When we adjust their wraps or undress them, it is important for them to be comfortable, so they remain in a sleepy state.  Therefore, it can get really warm for parents.  It is a great idea to dress in layers. Or, if you are already warm natured, wear cool clothing and bring a change of outfit for your family portraits.


I am well-stocked with wraps, specialty newborn prop outfits, head-bands, tie backs and props. The main things you need to show up with for your session, are you and baby. It is a good idea to bring a drink and snack since a newborn session can take up to 4 hours with cuddling and feeding. (We definitely aim for the 2-3 hour mark, but we do let baby set the pace.) Also, feel free to bring a book, tablet, or anything that will help you relax while your newborn is being photographed.  You will want your diaper bag with accommodations for baby’s diapering and feeding.  If you are using a pacifier, it can definitely help keep baby settled during their session. If you are bottle feeding, I do recommend bringing an extra bottle. Sometimes baby feeds more frequently at their session.


Stick with the routine, or lack there-of (lol) that has been working for you.  For most newborn posing, we want to photograph a sleepy baby.  If baby is asleep when you arrive, I will begin photographing them. If they need to feed, then you may feed upon arrival. If you prefer privacy for breastfeeding, there is a comfortable space for you to privately nurse your baby. A simple snap or zip-up sleeper will be the simplest way for me to undress baby for their session.  If I have to pull something over their head, it is difficult to do so without unsettling them.



Sibling and family shots capture important memories.  We generally start or end with sibling/family shots based on the schedule that works best for you.  If we begin with sibling/family shots, please have a family member or friend available to leave with the sibling after their part of the session is finished.  This allows us to really focus on the Newborn and their needs during the session.  It’s also MUCH more enjoyable for that sibling.  Alternately, but in the same vein, if we end with sibling/family shots, have a family member or friend available to bring the sibling(s) toward the end of the session.  We will discuss these details when we are planning your individual session.

With very young siblings, we have to take the newborn’s safety into consideration. I have several options to attempt for sibling shots, and I think clients will attest that I work very hard to get that shot, but I also recognize that sometimes “big brother” or “big sister” are really still babies too. Therefore, I try to keep things comfortable and low pressure on very young siblings.


Do you love/ hate naked baby shots or the “potato-sack” pose, etc. I will not take any photographs that make you feel uncomfortable. Please speak up and ask questions. You will notice I like to chat, and I’m more than happy to talk through any ideas or concerns. Your baby’s safety is paramount to me.  I will not force a baby into a pose or do something that I feel compromises your baby’s safety.  If a baby does not naturally go into a pose (i.e. the potato sack pose), the shot is made as a composite in post-processing. Baby’s safety is my top priority.

Based on your Newborn Session Questionnaire, I will pull out items and prepare for your session. However, I will go over my general ideas at the beginning of your session to make sure our visions for your session are aligned.  I love for you to help choose wrap colors, headbands, or basic props from my stash. I do generally stick with a neutral palette that will remain classic and timeless. I do use some minimal props, but try to keep the focus on your baby and their precious, unique features.


Just like you have input into your session,  you have control over how imagery of your baby is shared.  I adore using your baby’s sweet face for my website, Instagram or Facebook. However, if you prefer your images not be shared online, that is your prerogative. We can discuss any of your concerns when we review your Model Release.

Ultimately, with all the preparation and similar workflow… your session will be very unique.  Every baby is different.  They have different personalities, sensitivities and tendencies, just like us. Some babies will refuse to go into poses that other babies seem to love. Some babies won’t make a peep…other’s will be very opinionated. My workflow is baby-led.  We will follow their lead to create safe, beautiful imagery that will last a lifetime.  I’m fairly unflappable when it comes to babies and children (as long as the children aren’t my own, lol).  The most common word that clients have used to describe me is “patient.”  The more relaxed we stay, the better baby does.  I’m not in a hurry.  I’m there for you and your baby; I only schedule one newborn a day, so that there is no rush. While I want to get you back home as quickly as possible to accommodate your comfort, I will gladly take the time we need to work with your baby and create treasures for your walls and conversation pieces for your coffee-tables.  They are only this tiny for a very short time.

Are you considering booking your Leila Photography: Legacy Newborn Session?  Get more information on my website at www.leilaphotography.com.

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