Most Precious Waco Newborn| Leila Photography | Waco, TX Photographer

A new life is born, and then all-too-quickly, it seems that those fleeting moments of newborn days are hazy memories.  It is so much fun to capture this time for the families, so that they can gaze at their newborn photos and remember those tiny fingers and toes. They can inhale the newborn scent into their memory once again, and remember the moments, even as they relish the adventures of their little one’s growth.

This ladybug one was a perfect angel and it was truly a joy to be entrusted with her session.  Her mommy and daddy are smitten, and let me tell you…I think she is spoiling them rotten with her little, perfect self.  I enjoyed her wide-eyed wonder, perfect little rose-bud lips and her sweet snuggles.  We even captured the most adorable Christmas images. So, stay tuned…and I’ll share them after mom and dad have had a chance to send out Christmas cards.  Be sure to “Like” my Facebook page so you don’t miss the Christmas images and other fun sessions.

2014-02-01_0001 2014-02-01_0002 2014-02-01_0003 2014-02-01_0005 2014-02-01_00062014-02-01_0008

Updated with Christmas Images:


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