Monday Mom Minute, Episode 19 with Cradled and Parker’s Purpose

*Trigger Warning* In preparation for October, which is Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Month, I'm interviewing local resources who help families who have experienced loss. If this subject matter is too difficult, please know how much you are cared for, and join us for next month's Monday Mom Minute. Parker's Purpose is a an amazing [...]

Monday Mom Minute, Episode 18, with Cottontail Jones Children’s Boutique

In this episode of the Monday Mom Minute, I chat with Jessica and Debbie of Cottontail Jones Children's Boutique, and get a little show-and-tell of some of their amazing products.Cottontail Jones, located on 1025 Austin Ave, has been in Waco for 3 years now, offering a carefully curated selection of organic children's clothing, unique baby [...]