Quite a Party: A Little Sheriff Turns Two


Sweet Aria (a.k.a. Sheriff Callie) came to see me for her 2 year portraits, but I also got to cover her birthday event.  Y’all! Her momma can throw a party, so I thought you’d like to see some of the photos.  Event portraiture is lifestyle, which is so much fun.  Her amazing 2nd birthday party included an adorable “photo booth,” ponies that brought absolute delight to the Sheriff’s posse, perfect decor and scrumptious, yet amazing, cupcakes and cookies.


When Yo-Yo Party Rentals arrived with ponies, a general sense of excitement came with it.  Two of the sweetest ponies offered rides to the little guests.


The decor was super fun.  Mom gets Pinterest points for sure!  When there wasn’t much available locally for her theme, she was able to purchase fun printable decor from AnythingInCards on Etsy.  She found the fun Sheriff hats through Oriental Trading. Little Sheriffs donned their hats throughout the event to get into character, and took them home as a souvenir of the fun night.


I’m guessing you have to be the absolute cutest thing to get invited to these parties, since these kiddos were the-most-adorable and so much fun.  Check out these two riding their stick ponies.  It was a serious round-up, no doubt!_DSC5311_WEB

I’m pretty sure the corn was the-best-ever!  This Sheriff Callie totally approved._DSC5277_WEB

The Kupcake Boutique truly provided the icing on the cupcake..and cookies, for the celebration.  The detail in those cookies was mind-blowing.  Those cookies were an art-form, no doubt!  The posse posed no complaints, and all  compliments, while devouring the cupcakes.


Mom will receive a gallery of about 200 edited photos from her event, capturing all of the fun from her well-planned party.  What a fun celebration.  Happy 2nd Birthday, Aria!

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