Beautiful Dancer: Waco, TX

She’s a beautiful girl.  At almost 14 years old here, her smile rivals the sunlight and her eyes sparkle with pure delight. It is a joy just to be around her. And don’t even get me started on that gorgeous hair…  She wanted to be on her school dance team, but there were hurdles.  So, she worked hard.   There were frustrations.  So, she dreamed.  She choreographed her own dance.    She didn’t give up!   I still tear up a little thinking of her beautiful session.  What she wanted for her birthday, was a session to document her dance costume and her hard work.  It ended up documenting her beautiful achievement.  She made her school dance team.  She overcame! I am so very proud to have met her, and so very blessed that she chose me to capture this moment for her.

DSC_2305 bw_WEB
DSC_2317 as Smart Object-1_WEB DSC_2321 as Smart Object-1_WEB DSC_2322 as Smart Object-1_WEB DSC_2327wtext_WEB DSC_2366 as Smart Object-1_WEB

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