Personalized Newborn Portrait Collage: Tiny Parts

This poem by Jamie Rodrigquez embodies the purpose behind the the Tiny Parts Collage.  A personalized tiny parts collage is such a special part of your Newborn session.

Tiny fingers, Tiny toes
Chubby cheeks and button nose
Tiny arms, tiny legs
Delicate skin and precious face
So calm and still, I hold you near
Whisper a lullaby
In your tiny ear

2014-01-30_0001A gift from God, From heaven above
No bond stronger
Then a mother’s love
Tiny hands, tiny feet
Sparkling eyes and a smile so sweet
Tiny lashes, tiny nails
Cute little belly and angel soft hair
I watch your face, As you drift off to sleep
A tear of joy
As I watch you dream


So tiny you are, For now anyway
Time goes by fast
You grow bigger everyday
But I will always remember, How small you once were
My tiny little baby
For now and forever more.

poetry by Jamie Rodrigquez

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